Vibratory roller XCMGXS 1427 (2015)

Vibratory soil roller XCMG 1427 has the following overall characteristics: length – 5,93 m, width – 2,41 m and height – 3,16 m. Its weight is 16 tons, load on the front drum is 7700 kg, and on the rear axle - 8300 kg. Static linear the load on the front drum reaches 362 kilograms per centimeter, thus the roller quickly handles complex compaction or leveling tasks. The XS162J is equipped with a Shanghai engine as standard, which operates with a power of 115 kW and is water-cooled. Thanks to good engine characteristics, the roller can move at a speed of 9,4 km / h and overcome climbs with a 30% slope. The width of the roller is 2179 mm, and its diameter is 1523 mm. The minimum ground clearance (ground clearance) reaches 348 mm, while the steering angle drum equals 11 degrees